Noel Harrison diagnosed with kidney failure

British actor/singer Noel Harrison is facing an uncertain future after doctors deemed him too old to undergo a lifesaving kidney transplant. The eldest son of My Fair Lady star Sir Rex Harrison is suffering the later stages of kidney disease and admits he will be “lucky” to live another two or three years, but he credits daily yoga sessions with giving him a major boost.
The 79 year old tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “There is no recovery from this. It’s got a wonderful name: end-stage renal failure. I’ll be lucky if I live another two or three years. Unfortunately, I am deemed too old for a transplant. I’ve just restarted doing yoga every morning and that’s made a huge difference.”
Harrison has even signed up for a gig at an arts centre in Buckinghamshire, England in August (13), adding, “The most important thing about feeling one doesn’t have much time left is not to brood on it, because then you waste the time you’ve got.”