On the Prowl for Vampire Baby Names? Try the Vampire Name Generator

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Every fool knows vampire babies aren’t born. But being turned is kind of a rebirth. So why not celebrate by throwing yourself a baby shower, a re-Christening, if you will? You know you want to. And there’s no need to have an anxiety spiral over rebirthing names.

The Seventh Seal Sanctum Vampire Name Generator is a baby name bonanza for the undead. With the drop of a menu you can choose either gender or genre — modern name or fantasy name, that is. Click, take your pick. Are you a Sonja Blaque, or an Enaneichar? A Damian Cornelius, or do you see yourself as more of a Voshanta Blacktear? Think of how that would look on a printed bank check.

What a perfect drinking game. But why stop there? With a little forethought you can make a monogrammed romper for your best friend’s layette. Not sure what sex the baby is? The fantasy names appear to be gender-neutral.