Patti Smith visits Bronte sisters’ home

Punk icon Patti Smith made a pilgrimage to a historic town in England last week (ends21Apr13) to visit the home of literary greats, the Bronte sisters. The Because the Night hitmaker travelled to Howarth to tour the parsonage-turned-museum where Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte wrote their masterpieces.
Smith reveals she planned the trip as a treat for her own sister, Linda, as they bonded over their shared love of the Brontes’ books.
She tells BBC News, “I was introduced to the sisters through my sister Linda, and we’re very close – she’s one year younger than I. When I married, I moved quite a bit away (sic) and we kept almost daily correspondence by reading all of Charlotte’s books. I promised my sister when she turned 65 that I would bring her here, so I planned this little trip.
“I find proximity very moving… to walk on the floorboards where Charlotte walked, or sit at the chair that she sat or be in a room in the atmosphere where so much happened.”
On Friday (19Apr13), Smith also played an intimate concert for just 125 fans in the school where Charlotte used to teach. The singer is donating the gig’s proceeds to The Bronte Society.