Paz De La Huerta strips off for the first photographer who snapped her nude at 17

The 28 year old is the cover girl for the January/February 2013 issue of America’s Playboy magazine and top snapper Mario Sorrenti was the man behind the lens for the saucy beach shoot, in which a totally naked De La Huerta stretches out on the rocks and sand.

She says, “I’ve been taking photographs… with Mario since I was 14. I did my first nude shoot with Mario when I was 17. He made me feel beautiful, and I really feel it was on that shoot that I overcame my fear of being naked.

“Mario is such an artist. He has taken photographs of me in which my body looks like a sculpture.”

And she’s thrilled by Sorrenti’s latest nude shots: “We did the photos with no make-up, and we both wanted them to have a very natural feeling. It was more about bringing out a part of myself that has not really been shown to the public.”