“Pearl Harbor” DVD has more violence

The 45-minute bombing sequence in the middle of Pearl Harbor apparently isn’t enough violence for the film’s director.

On Jan. 15, when the DVD version of box office smash Pearl Harbor hits the shelves, audiences will be able to see a more violent version of the film, a version truer to director Michael Bay‘s vision, reports USA Today.

“I would have liked to have made this movie more violent,” Bay is cited as saying at the movie’s opening in May by the national newspaper.

Bay was forced to keep the horror in Harbor to a minimum–if 45 minutes of a Japanese suicide bombing run is a “minimum”–based upon his agreement with Disney that the film would be able to garner a PG-13 rating. The deluxe DVD set, containing three disks, will include an R-rated version of the film that has not been seen yet.

The Pearl Harbor deluxe DVD set will be initially priced at $39.99.