Pearson strikes plea deal over drug bust

The star, who played drug dealer and assassin Snoop on the hit TV series, was among a group of 38 suspects arrested during a sting operation carried out by police in Baltimore, Maryland in March (11).

Pearson initially pleaded not guilty to counts of conspiring to sell heroin and aiding and abetting, but struck a deal with Baltimore authorities at the last minute in a bid to put an end to her legal troubles, according to the 31 year old’s attorney, Benjamin C. Sutley.

He says, “More than anything she wanted to close this matter and move on… She learned a valuable lesson about how some loyalties you keep and others drag you down.”

Sutley insists Pearson did not play a big part in the alleged drug ring and she is due to plead guilty to a misdemeanour conspiracy charge in court on Monday (08Aug11).

Her trial was expected to begin on Tuesday (09Aug11).

Pearson is no stranger to legal controversy – she was incarcerated for more than six years for killing a woman when she was just 14.