“Penthouse” Pictures Definitely Not Kournikova

Penthouse has sure got its women mixed up.

In its June issue, Penthouse published pictures of a woman sunbathing topless and claimed the woman was Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova. The magazine carried the headline “Exclusive Anna Kournikova Caught Close Up on Nude Beach.”

Kournikova‘s management company vehemently denies the pictures are of Anna, and the athlete plans on suing the men’s magazine, according to Reuters.

If not Anna, then who is the mystery woman?

It’s Judith Soltesz-Benetton, 28, daughter-in-law of fashion designer Luciano Benetton. She has filed suit against Penthouse for publishing the unauthorized photographs of her sunbathing topless in Miami, Fla., seven years ago, while misidentifying her as Kournikova. She is seeking $10 million in damages, Reuters said.

Victor Kovner, a lawyer representing General Media, which publishes the magazine, told Reuters the only thing Penthouse could be at fault for is misidentifying the woman in the photographs and would correct it immediately.

“At most, this is simply a wrong photograph case,” he said.

At most.