Pixie Lott suffers in the cold for U.K. TV drama

British pop star Pixie Lott had to suffer in the cold winter weather while filming her role in U.K. detective drama Inspector George Gently. The Mama Do hitmaker plays a young holiday camp singer whose dead body is found washed up on a beach in an episode of the crime series and she admits the scene was tough to film.
She tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, “The first scene sees me dead on a beach. It was freezing and I had to lie on wet sand covered in cold water. But because I was supposed to be dead I couldn’t shiver.”
However, Lott insists the ordeal has not put her off acting, adding, “Fortunately you see what happened to her in a flashback and I do actually get to speak as well as do some singing and dancing. I really enjoyed it, so I’d like to do more acting in the future.”