Poe Cottage short of funds

The poet moved to a house in Fordham, New York in 1846 after his wife Virginia fell ill with tuberculosis, hoping the country air would help cure her ailment. He wrote several famous works including The Cask of Amontillado and Annabel Lee during his three-year stay at the house, where Virginia sadly died in 1847.

The Poe Cottage is currently undergoing a $1 million (£666,667) restoration, and officials at the Bronx County Historical Society are campaigning to raise money to complete the project and keep the house open for fans and students in the future.

Kathy McAuley, director of the Poe Cottage, tells the New York Daily News, “In order to do our very best, we need to do this. There are so many things we are not able to do because of a small budget. It will let us expand our hours and our programming. And it will take some of the pressure off the historical society to pay the expenses.”