Rachel Stevens enjoyed shopping trip in labour

British pop star Rachel Stevens was so relaxed during her recent childbirth that she headed out on a shopping trip, visited friends, and enjoyed breakfast at a restaurant after going into labour. The former S Club 7 star began feeling contractions in the early hours of the morning but, as it was the second time she has given birth, Stevens and husband Alex Bourne knew the drill and refused to panic.
They calmly watched comedy shows on TV at their London home for several hours before heading out for breakfast and stopping to pick up some flowers on the way to a hospital.
Staff at the medical unit were amazed when they walked into the delivery room and saw Stevens sitting in an armchair reading a magazine.
The singer gave birth to the couple’s second daughter, Minnie Blossom, last month (Apr14), and she admits the labour process was a lot less stressful than when she had her first, Amelie, in 2010.
She tells British magazine OK!, “I woke up at 2am, but I didn’t know if I was having contractions – it was only when they started coming every five minutes that I knew… Anyway, we got dressed and went downstairs and watched (comedian) Michael McIntyre… while deciding what to do.
“A bag was packed by the door and by 5am we left for hospital… When we got to hospital I was monitored and they told me that I was in the early stages, but not to go far. We ended up going for breakfast around the corner – I was sat in the middle of a busy restaurant trying to hide contractions among all these people having breakfast meetings!… We were calm – we even went to Paddington station and bought some flowers because our friend had given birth two days before us and was still in our hospital. We went and had a lovely time with them, then suddenly my contractions came on pretty strong so I then knew I needed to go!”
Husband Bourne adds, “The nurses couldn’t believe how relaxed Rachel was mid-contractions – she was sat in an armchair reading a magazine.”