Ratt drummer deleting Facebook account following singer’s departure

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has announced he’s closing down his Facebook.com account following bandmate Stephen Pearcy’s decision to quit the group – because he’s sick of reading vitriol from fans of his former frontman. Founding member Pearcy issued a statement on Thursday (24Apr14), claiming the band’s “inner turmoil” had driven him away after 30 years, and Blotzer, who is battling health woes after neck surgery in 2013, admits he and the existing Ratt line-up have been bombarded with attacks on social media.
The drummer says, “It’s time to shut the f**k up… We, the four other guys in this band, did nothing to merit this whole behaviour from Stephen.”
But Blotzer is happy to accept that comments he made on Facebook about Pearcy earlier this month (Apr14) may have helped the singer make his exit decision, and he now feels bad about airing the group’s “dirty laundry” in public.
He posted a comment on a picture uploaded by U.S. reality TV villain ‘Evel Dick’ Donato, which featured the Big Brother winner sporting cuts and bruises on his face. It read: “Why can’t this happen to my singer?”
The drummer says, “I feel bad that I might have put a dividing line out here, and for that I’m feeling bad about it, and to a certain level feel the need to apologise… My words were true, but the words should have stayed in my mind. And again I state that I was only kidding about this picture thing with Steve, dumb joke.”