Ricky Gervais backing British care home crusade

Funnyman Ricky Gervais is supporting a new campaign to protect elderly and vulnerable patients in Britain’s care homes. The Office creator was inspired to pen his comedy Derek, which focuses on a helper in a nursing home, by relatives who worked in the care system.
Now he’s teaming up with editors at Britain’s Sunday Express for the Care with Kindness crusade, which calls for greater protection for the half a million Brits currently receiving full time nursing.
He says, “I fully support the Sunday Express in its Care With Kindness crusade. Many of my family are care workers and I know only full well what a tough, challenging, essential and rewarding job it can be.
“It’s so great when such a strong influential voice as the Sunday Express gets behind a universal yet often forgotten issue. If we are lucky, we are all going to be old and I think we need to start treating people how we will want to be treated in their position. Awareness is everything and kindness is magic.”