ROLE CALL: Big Time for Biggs

Jason Biggs is famous for getting intimate with baked goods, but like any good thespian, what the “American Pie” star really wants to do is get serious. And so it has come to pass that the 21-year-old Biggs is in talks to score his first big-screen dramatic gig in “Prozac Nation,” a soon-to-be angsty drama based on the angsty best-seller of the same name. Christina Ricci is already a lock for the lead. Biggs would play her leading guy, The Hollywood Reporter says.

IT’S GOOD TO BE THE KING: Lord Tom Hanks has tapped mortal indie filmmaker John Sayles (“Lone Star”) to write the script for “A Cold Case,” a based-on-a-true story drama about an unsolved murder in New York, Daily Variety says. The honorable Mr. Hanks has also deigned his Oscar self worthy of working with the newly Oscared Alan Ball. The Hollywood Reporter says the “American Beauty” scribe will pound out a script for an as-yet untitled Hanks drama about a Cleveland cop on the trail of the murderer of a family member.

TAKING RISKS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT: Romantic-comedy guy Hugh Grant is circling the romantic comedy “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” based on the romantic-minded comedic novel of the same name, the Reporter says.

WHY? According to the Reporter, highly employable Sarah Michelle Gellar is considering joining the cast of the Tim Allen-Christian Slater action comedy “Cletis Tout.”

FANTASTIC VOYAGE: Bill Murray will star (as will the voices of Chris Rock and David Hyde Pierce) in “Osmosis Jones,” a live-action/animated comedy about a white blood cell (Rock) and a cold tablet (Pierce) that team to prevent bacteria from messing with a construction worker (Murrary), Variety says. The Farrelly Brothers (“Dumb and Dumber“) will direct the Murray scenes.