ROLE CALL: Cruz-ing with Tom Cruise

HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 23, 2000 – Get ready for a meeting of, er, the Cruz and the Cruise.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Paramount Pictures is looking to cast Penelope Cruz (“All About My Mother”) opposite Tom Cruise in the love story “Vanilla Sky.”

Neither the studio nor the director of the film, Cameron Crowe, has revealed anything about the film saved for the fact that it will likely go in front of the cameras in the fall.

CAGED IN: Daily Variety says that Nicolas Cage is in “serious discussions” to star in “Adaptation,” a flick written and directed by the “Being John Malkovich” writer and director team of Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze. The film follows a screenwriter’s struggle to adapt a novel for the big screen.

‘SIS’ JULIA: Julia Roberts is planning to star and produce the adaptation of “Sis Boom Bah,” a novel authored by Jane Heller that has just been bought by Revolution Studios, the Reporter says.

CLOSE CALL: Glenn Close and Patricia Clarkson (“The Green Mile”) has signed on to star in the indie flick, “The Safety of Objects.” The film is based on series of short stories about four suburban families.

Bugs Bunny WHAT’S UP, DOC: Daily Variety reports that another Looney Tunes project is apparently in the works at Warner Bros. No detail has been disclosed, but the flick is said to combine animated Looney Tunes characters and live-action sequences – just like its 1996 predecessor “Space Jam.”

‘DUST’ OFF THE SCRIPT: Daily Variety says that director Robert Towne, the scribe of “Chinatown,” is trying to get his next project, an adaptation of the John Fante novel “As the Dust,” off the ground.