ROLE CALL: Kevin Spacey Not ‘Pink’

Maybe two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey doesn’t think he can do anything after all. The actor is shooting down reports that had him ready to step into the formidable Peter Sellers‘ trenchcoat and portray the bumbling Inspector Clouseau in a new “Pink Panther” flick.

“I’m not — never signed, never been offered the role,” Spacey told Reuters on Thursday.

MGM, the studio that owns the “Panther” franchise, let it slip Monday that Spacey was in talks to do the role. The way Spacey sees it, he’s “had two conversations,” but that’s it.

BIG BRATT: Julia Roberts guypal Benjamin Bratt has signed to co-star opposite Roberts rival Sandra Bullock in the comedy “Miss Congeniality,” Daily Variety says. The shoot starts next week.

HIJINKS ENSUE: Jake Busey, late of UPN’s dearly departed “Shasta McNasty,” is in talks to join the cast of “Tomcats,” a comedy about a group of friends, a bet and marriage.

THERE IS LIFE AFTER “90210,” IT’S JUST NOT AS EXCITING: The world’s oldest twentysomething Luke Perry, now 33, is set to begin production on “The Enemy,” an indie spy flick co-starring Roger Moore, Daily Variety says.