Routh embraced Scott Pilgrim stunts

The star plays an evil ex-boyfriend of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character in the comic book-inspired movie and was required to fly through the air with a guitar.

But the 30 year old had no qualms about strapping up – as his stunts for the 2006 Superman instalment were more daunting.

He tells Comic Book Resources, “Learning to play the bass is easier than learning to fly! Although, I was strapped to a guitar and in wires a couple of times. Doing that at the same time was strange. But it was for a day, maybe, and not four or five months.

“Many times, you’d have to do something again. It’s a big set up, but because of all the effects that are involved and wanting to match the comic book so well, that’s part of the job. You know that going in, and it’s because of that that the movie looks so polished and works so well.”