Russian punk plans performance in prison

Incarcerated Pussy Riot star Maria Alekhina is planning to stage a theatre production for fellow inmates at the prison where she is serving her sentence. The punk star was jailed for two years in 2012 after staging a musical protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin at a church in Moscow.
She has been a vocal critic of conditions at the remote labour camp in the Ural Mountains where she is being held, and even went on hunger strike earlier this year (13) in protest at the conditions, but now Alekhina is trying to curry favour with prison officials so they will allow her to organise a stage show.
She is also planning to write a book about her time behind bars.
Alekhina tells NME magazine, “Recently, I spend all my time thinking of how to make life in the camp more interesting – we’re trying to get an agreement to do some theatre performances. We need permission from the camp governor. That’s my plan right now.
“I’m also going to try, if it’s possible, to write about life in the camp. It’s just that the timetable here is pretty intense, and in general we have very little free time. But if I can find the time, I’m going to use it to write…
“I’m trying to smooth relations with everyone – if I manage it, it’ll be wonderful. I’m a bit tired of fighting them constantly.”
Alekhina is one of three Pussy Riot members who attracted headlines around the world when they were arrested and jailed.
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is also still behind bars but their bandmate Yekaterina Samutsevich was freed in October (12) when her sentence was commuted.