Sara Evans pulled over for speeding during phone interview

Singer Sara Evans was forced to cut short a phone interview with U.S. magazine editors last month (Apr13) after she was pulled over for speeding in the middle of the call. The You’ll Always Be My Baby hitmaker was driving and discussing her upcoming album with a reporter at Country Weekly magazine, when she saw a Tennessee cop’s flashing red lights in her rear-view mirror.
She said, “I know the fans are getting a little antsy for new songs, because so am I. It takes me a long time to finish a record, though. I live in Birmingham (Alabama), so it’s not as easy for me to get to the studio (in Tennessee). I’m definitely working on it. Crap! I’m going to get pulled over. I’ll call you back.”
Evans was issued a $250 (£161) ticket for failing to observe the speed limit, but she kept her promise and phoned the journalist back to continue their conversation, revealing she recently became a new aunt to her brother Matt’s first child, daughter Milly.
She gushed, “She honestly is one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen. (My sister-in-law) KK is already dressing her with so much style… It’s just very special. KK is coming back out on the road with me and will be bringing Milly, so I will just be obsessed with her. I’ll be her favourite aunt for sure.”