“Sopranos” Star Caught Up in Brawl Litigation

Actor Robert Iler, who plays Tony Sopranos’ son A.J. on The Sopranos, has been caught up in a bizarre brawling rap after a fitness guru claimed he beat her up at a New York club last week.

The 20-year-old actor has been investigated by police and they’ve decided not
to press charges, determining that the accuser, Bonnie Kaye, hasn’t convinced
them he was the man who hit her in a fight.

Iler‘s spokesman says, “Robert had nothing to do with this. He was at the
party, but none of us know how he got implicated.”

But Iler isn’t completely in the clear–Kaye plans to file civil charges
against the actor, who was put on probation in 2001 after he was found guilty
of mugging two New York tourists.

Her lawyer says, “There was an altercation…and there will be more to

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