“Survivor: Marquesas” Winner Announced

In the season finale of Survivor: Marquesas Sunday night, it was an office manager who ruled the day.

Vecepia “Vee” Towery, the 36-year-old office manager from Portland, Ore., managed to survive grueling life on the South Pacific island Marquesas to eventually beat out 21-year-old psychology student Neleh Dennis from Layton, Utah, for the $1 million prize. Well done.

With her new-found wealth, Towery plans to finish work on her new home she shares with her husband and invest the rest, as well as give “tithes and offerings to my father,” Towery said in an interview after the Sunday night telecast. She also admitted she is proud to be the first black contestant to win.

Even though the Survivor series didn’t produce the kind of ratings it once had, a fifth Survivor installment, set in lush Thailand, is scheduled for this fall.