Sylvester Stallone quits gym workouts

Hollywood hardman Sylvester Stallone has quit his tough keep-fit regime after a lifetime of gruelling workouts. The musclebound movie star shot to fame in the 1970s with his role as down-on-his-luck boxer Rocky Balboa, and he went on to feature in a string of action roles including Vietnam veteran John Rambo in the First Blood franchise and a gutsy mercenary in The Expendables.
He has spent most of his career sticking to a rigorous fitness regimen to stay in shape for his signature roles, but now the 67-year-old has turned his back on the gym and is happy to grow old gracefully.
Stallone tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, “I’m trying to avoid going to the gym. I ended up doing a lot of action films and you have to be in shape. I swear I was in the gym so often that if I’d had another daughter I would have called her Barbella! I figure at a certain age you get clogged arteries and you drop dead happy.”