T.I. has some harsh words for George Zimmerman verdict

Rapper T.I. has applauded the parents of slain teen Trayvon Martin for their restraint, because he would be on trial now and facing prison time if Neighbourhood Watch vigilante George Zimmerman had killed his son. Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering the 17 year old in early July (13) – a verdict that sparked protests across America, and prompted many leading African-American human rights leaders and celebrities to speak out.
And now the What You Know hitmaker has revealed his reaction to the acquittal would have been very different to that of Martin’s father.
He explains, “Man, it was some bulls**t. My hat goes off to the Martin family, because if it was me and my child, there wouldn’t have been no trial…
“I’d have been on trial. It would’ve been the trial of the father who killed the man who killed (my child). That would have been my story. My hat goes off because (the Martin family) are much more clear and level-headed thinkers than (myself).
“It’s just another harsh reminder the world that we live in is as imperfect as God promised us it would be.”