Who Wants to Dump a ‘Multimillionaire’?

There shall be no more “Multimillionaires.”

Don’t worry, the like-titled ABC game show (“Who Wants to Be a [Mere] Millionaire”) and all its lifelines are intact. But the same can’t be said of Fox’s “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire.”

A day after the network announced it wouldn’t air a rebroadcast of the controversial but much-watched special, Fox is vowing that it won’t do a new “Multimillionaire” special — ever.

“This is the end for this show. We are not doing another one,” Fox exec Mike Darnell told The New York Times. The network could not be reached for further comment.

Also keeping mum: 42-year-old Rick Rockwell, the show’s first (and apparently last) groom.

“I would love to talk about all this stuff but I’m so busy,” Rockwell told reporters gathered outside his home near San Diego, California, on Monday.

It’s Rockwell’s past that doomed “Multimillionaire.” Over the weekend, reports surfaced via the Web’s Smoking Gun site (www.thesmokinggun.com) that Rockwell was accused in 1991 of slapping and threatening a former fiancée, Debbie Goyne, after she tried to break off their engagement. She obtained a restraining order against him.

No word on what the new Mrs. Rockwell, Darva Conger, thinks of all this, but Rockwell reportedly returned from their Caribbean honeymoon alone.