Bruce Willis Seeks Approval of Kids

Hollywood action hero Bruce Willis will only date women his children approve of.

The 50-year-old Die Hard star’s three kids with ex-wife Demi Moore–Rumer, 16, Scout, 13, and 11-year-old Tallulah–always give the singleton actor their verdict on his girlfriends.

And if the perceptive youngsters are offended by the ladies in his life, they
urge him to ditch them and try again.

He says, “Especially Tallulah. She has just turned 11 and she always gives
them the thumbs up or down. And they’re not shy about sharing there opinions.
They’ll whisper to me: ‘I don’t think this one’s gonna make it, Dad! Forget

However, sometimes Willis has to explain to his kids that he’s not dating
anyone–even though the newspapers are claiming he is.

He adds, “When I tell her (Tallulah) I’m not really seeing anyone, she’ll
pull a face and go, ‘Yeah, right. C’mon! We all see the stuff in the tabloids!’
And I have to say, ‘But it’s not true! It’s all made up.'”

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