KT | 2001

Drama, Thriller
Based on the 1971 kidnapping of Kim Dae Jung, South Korea's current president.
Director: N/A
Writers: N/A
Stars: N/A


In 1998, Kim Dae-Jung became the democratically elected President of the Republic of Korea. Back in the 70s, Kim was a leading member of the opposition against the military dictatorship in his country. In October 1972, shortly before the proclamation of military rule, Kim Dae-Jung left Korea for Japan in order to continue his political struggle in exile. On August 8, 1973, Kim Dae-Jung was abducted from a hotel in Tokyo where he had sought refuge following a number of attempts on his life. This kidnapping provoked an international crisis. Five days after he disappeared, Kim Dae-Jung reappeared; he was found injured, not far from his home in Seoul. Early on during investigations, it was suspected that Korean and Japanese secret services had joined forces on Kim Dae-Jung's kidnapping and, in 1988, the Korean government actually confirmed the participation of the Korean secret service in the abduction. But who else was involved; more-over, who was it that thwarted the conspirators' plans?