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Lindsay Lohan Thrilled to Play Alongside Tom Cruise in 'MI:3'

May 18, 2005 | 12:23pm EDT

Katie Holmes has some romantic competition when it comes to new beau Tom Cruise--his new movie co-star, Lindsay Lohan, once dreamed of marrying the hunk.

Lohan has confirmed rumours she's set to replace Scarlett Johansson in Mission: Impossible 3, and she's just thrilled, after telling one TV show last year that Cruise was her first crush.

The Mean Girls star says, "I just met with JJ Abrams, who is directing--who I'm a huge fan of. So, hopefully... We'll see what happens.

"If so, I'll be in training for a few weeks, putting on some muscle. It's kind of an incredible feeling. I'm scared... I'm so excited. I can't wait to do stunts and get all into it."

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