10 Times Mellie Grant Destroyed Someone With Words On ‘Scandal’

If someone on Scandal is on Mellie’s bad side, then they could expect a good lashing. She’s very quick and witty with words when she wants to take someone down. But what were her moments of peak vindictiveness? There are many since being cheated on, losing a child, and being pushed aside as First Lady would drive anyone crazy. But here are ten times Mellie Grant destroyed someone with her words.

1. When she made it clear to Elizabeth that they won’t be friends.


2. That time she refused to let Fitz walk all over her.

maybe Mellie and I are a little more a like than I thought…Tumblr/ABC

3. When she made Fitz speechless.

scandal animated GIF Giphy/ABC

4. Or that time she just gunned straight for Fitz’s bed skills.

art animated GIF Giphy/ABC

5. When she flat out threatened Fitz from seeing Olivia again.

things animated GIF Giphy/ABC

6. That time drunk Mellie became outwardly manipulative Mellie.

gif mine 1000 notes scandal bellamy young scandal abc mellie grant I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LOOK AT YOU ALL DRUNK AND ADORABLE AND VICIOUS Rebloggy/ABC

7. When she said this after she found out her daughter also has a secret sex life.

TV Guide/ABC

8. That time she reminded Olivia that she isn’t on her level.


9. Or when she threw perfect shade at Olivia in front of the cameras.


10. That moment she knocked a rude reporter down to size.