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‘MJ The Musical:’ Relive A Michael Jackson Concert Experience

Don’t stop til you get enough of the new Michael Jackson musical on Broadway. Audiences have bopped along to biographical jukebox shows like SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical, The Cher Show, and Jersey Boys. Now, MJ the Musical moonwalks its way into New York City, with the praise and adoration of fans everywhere.  


MJ the Musical takes us through Michael Jackson’s life

Centered around the performer’s 1992 Dangerous World Tour, MJ follows Michael Jackson as an artist who rose to major stardom. As the musical flashes to his childhood and time in The Jackson 5 and pivotal points in his career, we uncover this King of Pop as a complex person with a knack for the stage. 

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mj the muscial- myles frost as michael jackson
Myles Frost and Cast./ CREDIT: Matthew Murphy.

With direction and choreography by Christopher Wheeldon, the musical features Micheal Jackson’s hits like “Beat It,” “Human Nature,” “Billie Jean,” “Thriller,” and Jackson 5 singles like “I’ll Be There,” “I Want You Back” and more.

Michael is played by 4-5 different actors: Myles Frost plays MJ, Tavon Olds-Sample plays young adult Michael, and Corey J and Christian Wilson play young Michael.  

Myles Frost transcends as the King of Pop

When I listened to the soundtrack for the first time, I almost thought Michael Jackson was singing on the tracks. In reality, it’s the talent of Myles Frost and his silky smooth vocals that hit the occasional “hee-hee.”

mj the musical- Quentin Earl Darrington and Myles Frost
Quentin Earl Darrington and Myles Frost./ CREDIT: Matthew Murphy.

Critics agree. Myles Frost embodies Michael in almost every way, especially with his dance moves. “Frost offers not just a willowy simulacrum of the star in perfect copies, but an eerie mimicry of his mannerisms.” Jesse Green writes in a review from The New York Times. “The breathy voice; the head-down, eyes-up gaze; the interjectory squeals and yelps: Frost has them down cold.”

His performance earned him the 2022 Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical. Although the young actor was up against seasonal Broadway veterans like Hugh Jackman and Billy Crystal, he came out on top.

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MJ the Musical feels like a concert 

The musical includes about 41 songs, with some only featured as 1 line remixed with other songs. For instance, “Earth Song” mixes with “They Don’t Care About Us” while “For the Love of Money” mixes with “Can You Feel It.”

With incredible sets, costumes, choreography, orchestrations, and vocals, audiences can follow Michael Jackson’s concert journey. For those who had the opportunity to see the King of Pop when he was alive, the musical will transport you back to that time. For those who never got to see him live, you can watch how it could’ve been. 

mj the musical- myles frost michael jackson
Myles Frost and Cast./ CREDIT: Matthew Murphy.

Like other jukebox musicals on Broadway (The Cher Show, Jersey Boys), each of the songs performed is meant to move the plot along. MJ the musical puts a different perspective on the Michael Jackson hits we love so much. In an article published on TodayTix, writer Diep Tran splits up the different numbers and how they present in the show. 

“‘I’ll Be There’” comes early in the show,” Diep writes, “but Jackson doesn’t sing it. It’s sung by his mother, Katherine Jackson, singing to a young Michael.”

MJ the Musical will give audiences the nostalgia of the pop star’s legacy with a refreshing adaptation on his songs. 

Critics and fans react to MJ the Musical 

People who have had the pleasure to see MJ on the Broadway stage have shared their love for the show.

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In Variety’s review, writer Naveen Kumar argues the musical serves as a love letter to fans. “MJ delivers on its promise of fan service,” Naveen writes,” from costume pieces by Paul Tazewell — that glittery glove and cocked black hat — to nostalgic trips through Soul Train and ‘Thriller’ nights on Derek McLane’s set.”

Lovia Gyarke of The Hollywood Reporter notes the pure adrenaline in the room during a preview performance.

“During a preview I attended, an audience member rose to her feet and waved her hands in the air, as if she had caught the Holy Spirit: an affirmation that to be in Jackson’s presence — even if only through gifted performers — is to experience a spiritual rapture.”

Twitter is obsessed with the musical.


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