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Our 12 Favorite Moments From Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video

If you watched the Billboard Music Awards last night, then you know that Taylor Swift finally dropped the music video/film for her song “Bad Blood” (this version featuring Kendrick Lamar) and it was incredible. We’re waiting for the full-length movie. There were so many ah-mazing moments, we’re having a hard time choosing our absolute favorite. What did we love more: the crazy/awesome nicknames everyone had, or the fact that she managed to get Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey in the same place? You decide. We’re too busy re-watching the video.

1. Catastrophe taught us all how to use a briefcase:


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2. Taylor and Selena kicked a lot of ass:


3. Lena Dunham just casually smoked a cigar:


4. Gigi Hadid owns the coolest compact on earth:


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5. Zendaya was Cut Throat:


We would let her cut our throat. Is that bad?


6. Taylor and Karlie got into the most epic BFF girl fight:


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7. Cara Delevinge showed off how multifunctional her purse is:


8. And then fiercely looked at the camera:


9. Hayley Williams made us wish we knew how to flip like this:


10. And Hailee Steinfeld made us wish we were a triplet:


Oh, and Zendaya obvi made us want to kick people in the neck with our sword-knife legs.


11. Olivia and Meredith (Taylor’s cats’ namesakes) walked by like it’s NBD:


When in fact, it’s a very big deal.


12. Catastrophe (we won’t be calling her Taylor anymore) and her crew don’t look back at explosions:


Watch the full video here to see every kick-ass celeb involved:

Who are you rooting for here? Team Catastrophe or Team Arsyn? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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