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Things Aren’t Adding Up In Kim Kardashian’s Robbery: Police Baffled By Concierge’s Account

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Some things just aren’t making sense about Kim Kardashian’s robbery. It’s been a couple days since the reality TV star was bound, gagged and robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry. The police have been hard at work investigating the incident, but seem to have found a couple of inconsistencies with the concierge’s account.

The concierge at Hôtel de Pourtalès originally told authorities that five assailants dressed as policemen buzzed the intercom and said  “It’s urgent — we must see Ms. Kardashian.” When he opened the door, they pointed a gun at his head and made him open Kardashian’s apartment with a single key. What doesn’t make sense is how low-ranking night staff had access to the VIP apartments in the first place.

A source who spoke to Us confirmed that police don’t really understand how he was able to get in with ease.

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“What’s confusing to police is how a low-ranking night staffer had such easy key access to the VIP apartments,” the source says, noting that police “remain baffled at the apparent ease with which he was able to guide the robbers straight to the star’s bedroom.”

There are nine VIP apartments, and they have a variety of security protocols. The source thinks it’s “inconceivable” that a concierge would have been able to get in without breaking down the door. There was no sign of forced entry, so we know the assailants likely had a key.

This is all very, very fishy and has us wondering if the concierge was in on it too.

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