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Zachery Ty Bryan on ’90s Nostalgia, ‘Home Improvement,’ & JTT

Zachery Ty Bryan The ’90s were a time of loud music, louder clothing, and some of the greatest television shows that the world has witnessed to date. Many a pop culture aficionado spent the last decade of the 20th Century obsessing over his or her favorite small screen stars. Some opted for the Saved by the Bell gang. Some chose the Boy Meets World kids. And some still preferred the zany children of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on the ABC hit, Home Improvement — especially the oldest Taylor son, played by Zachery Ty Bryan, who is currently producing the movies Rogue River and The Grief Tourist via his production company, the Vision Entertainment Group.

Hollywood.com got a chance to speak with actor-turned-producer Bryan, and to learn a bit about his perspective on the Home Improvement days. “One of my favorite [episodes] was the one where I got caught smoking marijuana by my parents,” Bryan, 30, tells us. “I thought that was a really, really good episode because I think it’s something that all families go through.”

“I know that it’s taboo to talk about drugs, but I thought that it was pretty bold of the producers … especially on a comedic series, to do a serious episode about a teenager experimenting with marijuana,” Bryan continues. “I also like the one where Jonathan [Taylor Thomas] possibly had cancer.”

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Speaking of costar Jonathan Taylor Thomas, fans might be pleased to know that the Thomas and Bryan try to stay in contact regularly. “I mainly stay in touch with Jonathan,” Bryan admits. “He was going to Columbia University, he finally graduated. He’s back out here in LA, and I think he’s pursuing directing… We’ll go out, hang out for an evening, catch up. All that good stuff. He’s doing really well.” Bryan adds, “I also keep in touch with Taran [Noah Smith] via Facebook. I keep in touch with both, but I see Jonathan every month or two.”

And it’s not like his former onscreen father is left out of the picture. “Tim Allen was just in my office a week and a half ago,” Bryan says. “We were talking about all of the projects we’re doing, and that he’s involved with. I talk to Tim all the time as well.”

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