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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 8 “Seven Minutes to Midnight”

Mohinder goes back to India. His mother tells him about a sister he doesn’t remember because she died when he just a toddler. His mother says Dr. Suresh thought she was “special,” thus sending him on his quest for others of her ilk. A dream leads Mohinder to find a key in one of his father’s notebooks, which unlocks a drawer with a file on the child from the same dream. Could this child be the key to Dr. Suresh’s research?

Matt and Audrey interrogate Ted on his radioactive powers and discover that both Heroes share the same mark on their necks. They also recall similar stories of blackouts and the Haitian. But Ted is let go and later, Audrey calls Matt from a Ted-related explosion.

Mr. Bennet goes through the paper warehouse to his secret office, where Eden is trying to help a sober Isaac paint the future. It isn’t really working, however, and Bennet is desperate for Isaac to paint the future in order to save Claire. Bennet makes Eden use her power—she can “persuade” anyone to do her bidding–to go back on the drugs to finish it.

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Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando make it to Texas (you know, to save the cheerleader), and they meet a diner waitress named Charlie. She apparently has a super-photogenic memory and after reading one English-to-Japanese dictionary, can speak the language fluently. As she and Hiro are developing a nice rapport, Sylar sneaks in and kills her in the diner stockroom. Now Hiro wants to save her and tells Ando he’ll go back in time, save Charlie and be back in time to save the cheerleader. Ando is dubious.

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