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‘Lost’ Season Three: Ep. 10 “Something Nice Back Home”

While everyone is screaming at Daniel and Charlotte about why they are lying to them, Jack comes out of his tent. He is in bad shape and ends up collapsing.

Flash forward: Jack waking up in a cozy bedroom. He gets up, picks up a pair of women’s underwear off the floor, goes downstairs and steps on a kids toy…could he be at Kate’s’ house? Yes indeed. He goes into the bathroom, and she’s in the shower. They share a sexy moment. Interesting.

Later, he is reading little Aaron a story, while Kate looks on lovingly. Then they have another touching moment, telling each other how glad they are to be together finally. “I’m glad you changed your mind and came by,” Kate says, placing the time right after her trial when Jack was reluctant to see Aaron. Then they kiss passionately as he takes her off to bed. These two are hot together. Come to think of it, Kate and Sawyer were pretty hot, too. Must be Kate.

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At the hospital, Jack thinks he sees his dad for a second but gets distracted when he gets a call about Hurley. Jack visits him at the mental hospital. He has stopped taking his medication because he thinks they are all dead and that they never made it off the island. Hurley knows Jack is living with Kate and Aaron, like a happy little family. “Like heaven,” he says. Then he says he’s been talking to Charlie, who has a message for Jack. “You’re not supposed to be raising him.” Jack reacts strongly and gets up to leave. Hurley adds, “He also says someone is going to visit you, too. Soon.” OK, so all those theorists out there that think the Losties are in purgatory are having a field day now.

That night, he goes home to Kate, who assures him he is very good at being a dad. And then he asks her to marry him. Now how could this sweet thing turn so horribly wrong? Because we all know it does.

Yes, the person Hurley warned Jack would show up is indeed his (supposedly) deceased father. One night while working late in the hospital, Jack walks into an empty lobby and sees his father sitting there. “Hello,” Christian Shepherd says. Jack flips out but just then a colleague shows up and dad disappears. Jack is shaken and asks her for a prescription of an anti-anxiety medication. Then when he gets home, Kate is on the phone, and he overhears something cryptic. She brushes it off but it’s enough to perturb Jack. He takes some of those pills–with a beer, no less. Ah, the slippery slope begins.

Back on the beach, Juliet knows what’s wrong with Jack–and it’s not food poisoning. It’s his appendix. “Well, I guess we are going to have to take it out.” Daniel, Charlotte, Sun and Jin go off to get the medical supplies Juliet needs to perform the surgery. Oh, and it looks like Charlotte speaks Korean because Jin noticed her smiling when he and Sun were talking in Korean. Jin corners Charlotte and tells her he knows she speaks Korean. She denies it but then acquiesces. Jin only wants to tell her that when the helicopter comes to get them, they are to take Sun. Even if it means Jin and the rest stay behind. Charlotte agrees.

Meanwhile, Miles’ ghost whispering abilities are once again put to good use when he, Sawyer and Claire are making their way through the jungle and Miles stops short. He senses what happened to Rousseau and Carl and finds them buried nearby. Yikes. Miles is also looking at Claire a little too closely for Sawyer’s liking, so Sawyer tells him he’s got a 20-feet restraining order from Claire or he’ll put a “boot in [Miles’] face.” Later, who comes out of the jungle at them but Frank, the helicopter pilot. He tells them to hide because the badass mercenary is still alive, along with a few survivors from the black smoke monster attack. How is that possible?

In the final flash forward, Jack is indeed starting down the road of booze and drugs. He’s on the couch when Kate gets home. He knows something’s up and she finally admits she was doing something for Sawyer. Something she promised him she’d do. “But Sawyer isn’t here,” Jack snarls. “He made his choice to stay and I’m here. With you. I saved you.” Kate doesn’t want him around Aaron if he’s like this. “You’re not even RELATED to him!” Jack screams, just as Aaron appears. Kate goes over to him and picks him up, crying. Jack walks out.

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Back on the island, Claire startles awake in the middle of the night and sees Christian–who, as we know, is also Claire’s dad–cradling baby Aaron around the campfire. “Dad?” In the morning, Sawyer wakes up and notices Claire is gone. Miles is already up. “She walked off into the jungle in the middle of the night,” he informs Sawyer. “With someone she called Dad…I would have followed her, but there’s that restraining order,” Miles quips. Sawyer wants to bash his skull in, but instead he hears Aaron crying somewhere off in the distance. He runs to him and finds the baby under a tree. Alone. He screams her name over and over as the music builds and cuts to the Lost logo. I guess, this is how Claire and Aaron are separated.

But if you want to know MY theory, Jack’s dad is Jacob. There, I’ve said it.

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