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Sunday: ‘Next Iron Chef’

Next Iron Chef – Food Network

I’ve heard too much about Iron Chef at this point, both in pop culture and on the streets, to now think everyone has seen the show at least once or twice. Whether it’s the original Japanese version or the updated American version, there may be no better piece of food theater than to see a chef reach into a fish tank, barehanded, and yank a live eel out for dinner–all under dramatic lighting and in front of a cooing live audience. This certainly isn’t Rachael Ray boiling a pot of linguini.

So it seems the powers that be were unsatisfied with the American crop of Iron Chefs they’ve had in the stable until this point. Chefs Flay, Batali, Cora, and Morimoto can still dazzle with their knife skills and impressive plating techniques, but new blood was wanted and, on Next Iron Chef, new blood they’ll get. After just two weeks, a pair of eliminations has left the group of hopefuls an all-male contingent. Each armed with a different food ‘personality,’ they will be put to the test each week in the stylized fashion we’ve come to expect from the Iron Chef name.

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Next Iron Chef airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on the Food Network.

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