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Bella Hadid: A Celeb Thrifting Before It Was Trendy

World-renowned celeb and supermodel Bella Hadid knows better than to succumb to the temptations of fast fashion.

The leggy celeb and fashion icon apparently only buys secondhand clothes – making thrifting look cool, before it became the trend it is now.

In 2015, Hadid told Refinery29, “Everything I have is vintage,” boasting a “super-beat-up” pair of Converse and old Levi jeans as some of her most prized wardrobe items.

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She also shares clothes with fellow supermodel sis, Gigi Hadid, and told the magazine that she tries to conserve her earnings. “I’m really conscious about my money and what I spend – that’s why most of my stuff is vintage and from thrift shops. I never shop.”

Bella Hadid Looks Chic During Paris Fashion Week

Although Bella may struggle with her role model status while growing up in the spotlight and constantly making entertainment news and celeb gossip headlines, we could all take a cue from the style maven and scale back our shopping habits for the sake of saving money while cutting down on waste.

Fast fashion is a huge source of waste, with the US Environmental Protection Agency estimating that over 11 million tons of textiles end up in landfills every year.

Fast fashion can be hard to quit cold turkey. Buying thrifted clothing, or swapping clothes with friends and family, is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe while also saving money and slowly cutting down on your contribution to the fast fashion industry.

Companies like thredUP, Poshmark, and Depop make it easier than ever to both shop and sell brand name clothing. There are also plenty of thrift haul videos on Youtube for your viewing entertainment (and inspiration!), including hauls from these companies.

With a closet full of clothes and an email inbox full of promotions, where can you start following the footsteps of celebs like Bella?

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An easy first step (after deleting all of those sales emails): sell one piece of clothing in your wardrobe and replace it with one secondhand item. Any time you want something new, make a conscious decision to donate or sell an item you no longer love.

Bella Hadid wearing an oversized brown suit paired with sunglasses and a pink handbag during Paris Fashion Week

Before you know it, you’ll have a wardrobe just like your favorite fashionable celebs…well, maybe not exactly like your favorite celebs! Both your wallet and the world will thank you for adapting more thoughtful shopping habits!

Sustainability isn’t just a passing trend for celebs–just look at Bella, who has been thrifting for years–it’s a global movement for the benefit of people and planet, including everything you love about the entertainment capital of the world (Hollywood, baby!).

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