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Catherine Hicks Delivered The Sickest Burn To Former ‘7th Heaven’ Husband, Stephen Collins


7th Heaven, oh, how we loved the dramatic, after-school special-style dialogue thinly veiled in a light of Christianity. Oh, how we did not like the irony in the fact that the reverend and head of the Camden household turned out to be a child molester. 

Catherine Hicks, who played 7th Heaven matriarch Annie Camden, isn’t too thrilled about her long-time co-star either (Who would be? Disgusting). Hicks let her real thoughts on Stephen Collins slip in an on-the-fly interview with TMZ.

After getting her nails done, Hicks chatted about her relationship with her former TV children, including Beverly Mitchell and Jessica Biel. In the most 7th Heaven-type answer you can expect, Hicks said she still considers the girls her family, and they all still “get together.” 

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When the conversation shifted to whether or not a 7th Heaven reunion is in the works, the tone dramatically changed. Hicks dished out a literal seventh degree burn, and said she’d only do the reunion if the father was dead. Savage.

“I don’t know. I mean, we’d have to open with Stephen’s coffin,” she said.

What a perfect response to having your TV husband admit to molesting three children between 1973 and 1994. Slay, Mama Camden. Slay!


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