Corey Feldman Strikes Again In New ‘Today Show’ Performance

Corey Feldman isn’t letting the critics get to him. After his last performance on Today got a lot of flack for being outright bizarre, the former child actor has returned to the show with a new song and a whole new attitude.

Last month, Feldman play his song “Go For It” on air, and was slammed by critics. The performance instantly became viral, but not for the right reasons. The time following the performance was really rough for Feldman, who felt crushed that people hated the music he was making. He made it through that tough time thanks to some sweet words from Pink, Kesha, and Paris Jackson, as well as his friends who offered support and helped him deal the the bullies.

In this performance, the Goonies actor seems refreshed and positive. Donning a metallic jacket with his famous Angles as backing, he performs “Take a Stand” from his new album “Angelic 2 The Core.”

“I’m not letting the bullies get to us,” he said. “A lot of people get hate in the beginning because we’re doing something new — it hasn’t been done before. But, it’s all about innovation and being an artist, and we can’t be afraid to share our art.”

You go Corey! Make the art you want to make, even if we don’t particularly get it. Haters are gonna hate.

Check out the video above.

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