It’s Finally Out! The ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Theme is ‘The Mist’

the mist

American Horror Story has been driving us crazy with their onslaught of teasers that may or may not be accurate. It turns out, our theories may have all been wrong.

A slew of media leaks has confirmed that season 6 of American Horror Story will be American Horror Story: The Mist.

Earlier this week Rotten Tomatoes accidentally listed the horror anthology as “American Horror Story: The Mist,” but later deleted the title. That didn’t stop fans from noticing, and rumors immediately began to flourish online. The rumors were pretty much confirmed when a user on Reddit noticed that TV Guide lists the upcoming series as “American Horror Story: The Mist.”

the mist

So, as it turns out, the trailer that was accurate was one of the most recently released. “The Mist” trailer features an alien-like creature crawling on train tracks. It’s super creepy.

We’re still holding out on an official announcement, even if this seems pretty official. We wouldn’t put it past Ryan Murphy to give publications a varying array of true and false titles just like the teasers.

The other thing The Mist is that it gives virtually nothing away about what’s going on in the show. Unlike Hotel, Asylum and Freak Show, The Mist could have any setting, so any of the other teasers could still be true. All The Mist really tells us is that there will be some kind of weird creature, there will be some kind of heavy fog, and there will likely be train tracks (uhm, that one really narrows it down).  

With so much up in the air, this means that elaborate fan theory about the season 6 theme could still be true. The season could still focus on Roanoke, like the leaked pictures suggest, and even include aliens like we had originally thought. 

Either way, The Mist is giving us some major The Hills Have Eyes meets Alien vibes.


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