New ‘Arrow’ Trailer: 5 Reasons This Superhero Belongs on TV — VIDEO

ArrowAs a wise songwriter from the bayou once said, “It’s not easy being green.” The film industry has proven this time and time again: all of its green superheroes have not quite excelled with their big screen incarnations. Both Hulk movies, and 2011’s Green Lantern and The Green Hornet all fell short of critical and box office responses. But judging from the exciting new trailer for the forthcoming Green Arrow television series, Arrow, the solution to this calamity might have been as straightforward as, “Make it a TV show.”

Below is the first assembly of footage from Arrow, starring Stephen Amell, which comes to the CW in the Fall, which certainly looks like a promising adaptation of the DC Comics hero’s story. The plot centers around billionaire Oliver Queen, who winds up stranded on a remote island for five years before finding his way back to society. However, his experience in the wilderness has changed him, and he is no longer capable of living his luxury lifestyle — now, he’s a hunter. A wild man. A superhero.

Right away, the story is suited for the small screen. Arrow’s character, his backstory, and his supporting cast all lend to TV being the best medium for this superhero’s onscreen adventures. Check out the trailer, and then read the Five Reasons Arrow Belongs on TV below.

1) Arrow’s decision to fight crime doesn’t come from some oath or responsibility, it comes from a compulsion. One could liken the story of Oliver Queen to that of Dexter‘s title character, who is constantly feeding his own desire to kill. A character as darkly driven and, arguably, damaged as Queen warrants a length exploration; one that could only exist over the course of one or more television seasons, and not just a two hour one-off.

2) Clearly, Arrow has got a whole heap of people pretty close to him — and none of these relationships seem all that simple. From the looks of the trailer, he has a wife… and one to whom he hasn’t been all that faithful. The trailer also features Kate Cassidy as Dinah Lance, a figure who plays a significant role in the comic books. Exploring each of these characters effectively would also only be possible on television.

3) Fans are going to want to see what Queen went through during his time on the island. Whether this comes in mere flashback scenes or full flashback episodes is yet to be determined, but TV is far more conducive to both of these elements than a movie would be.

4) As far as superpowers are concerned, the big screen is definitely preferable when it comes to flight, super strength, lasers, all the big-budgety stuff. But Arrow’s “powers” encompass advanced human agility and adept archery. They’re more intimate, and might even seem unimpressive in a movie.

5) Finally, considering the fact that there is a Justice League movie in the works, and that Green Arrow has himself been a part of the Justice League, the world might see the hero on the big screen anyway. So, win-win!



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