Ranking All the Clones on ‘Orphan Black’

Orphan Black, Tatiana MaslanyBBC America

With Orphan Black back on BBC America for its sophomore season, it’s time to revive the Clone Club! Ever since Orphan Black premiered over a year ago, the sci-fi show has garnered a cult following and bewitched viewers all around the world — even members of Hollywood like Wil Wheaton, Patton Oswalt, and Orlando Jones (who all appeared on BBC America’s The Cloneversation to promo the new season). Now that the show is back — and better than ever — let’s talk about of favorite clones, all of whom are played by Tatiana Maslany. Beware spoilers, newbies!

7) Katja Obinger

We really didn’t have time to know Katja before her untimely departure from the world (which is our nice way of saying she was murdered), but from what little we saw, she could have been an interesting addition to the club.

6) Beth Childs

Even though Beth only appears in Orphan Black alive for all of maybe two minutes, her lone scene is what hooked many viewers into the show and deserves its due. So, here’s to you Beth Childs, your death scene is crazy and we love it.

5) Rachel Duncan

Unlike many of the other clones, we don’t know very much about Rachel except that she’s a total ice queen (and we get a bit of a sociopath vibe from her). However, we’re dying to see more of her perfectly cut bob and icy glare this season. 

4) Helena

As the craziest clone (like, certifiably insane), Helena is certainly fun to watch on Orphan Black — and by “fun” we mean “actually stressful” because she might die and/or kill off one of the other clones, or Kira, or someone else we love like Felix, Paul, or Art.

3) Sarah Manning

She may be the main character of Orphan Black, but she’s not our favorite clone. She does, however, provide some of the craziest and most entertaining scenes in the show like when she ate soap in the series premiere or bashed her way through a wall in the Season 2 debut. 

2) Allison Hendrix

Between her neurotic paranoia and her friendship with Felix, we love Allison’s character a lot. She’s funny, she’s sweet, she’s scary, and she puts a whole new twist on the idea of desperate housewives living in suburbia. 

1) Cosima Niehaus

Whenever Maslany is asked which clone she relates to the most, she always answers Cosima (though, probably not simply because they both talk with their hands). Well, Cosima is our favorite too. We love her brains, her fashion sense, her snarky remarks, and her relationship with Delphine. So, basically, everything.