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15 A-Shaped ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Plot Holes We’re Still Upset About

After six and a half seasons, Pretty Little Liars still has its share of unanswered questions that are keeping us on the edge of our seat with the premiere of season 6B! However, not all of these questions can be answered so easily. Here are 15 plot holes we are still upset about. Hopefully, there’s more to the story!

Pretty Little Liars
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1. How did Charlotte kidnap Sara Harvey the same night Alison DiLaurentis went missing? Wilden took Charlotte back to Radley after she presumably killed Alison. How did she suddenly come up with the plot to kidnap Sara and hold her hostage for several years? And why would she necessarily plot that far ahead?

2. Why did Sara Harvey disguise herself as Red Coat and Black Widow? Maybe it was necessary for Sara to disguise herself so no one would recognize her. After all, she did run away from home. But why conceal your face entirely? The girls never even met her at that point!

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3. Why did Bethany end up wearing the same clothes as Alison on “that night?” Charlotte had most of the same clothes as Alison. So it makes sense how Bethany was able to steal them. However, was it merely a coincidence that she was wearing the same clothes as Alison? Or did the writers have bigger plans for the story initially and decided to scrap them?

4. How did Alison’s bracelet end up on Bethany Young’s wrist? We can accept wearing the same clothes (somewhat) but what’s going on here?

5. After Alison was pulled out of the grave by Mrs. Grunwald, how was there still a hole to push Bethany into? Mrs. Grunwald did not DIG her out of the grave. She only pulled Alison out of the dirt. So why was Melissa able to bury Bethany in a freshly open hole?

6. Why was Wilden so determined to tear the girls down in the pilot? He always knew the truth, didn’t he? The plot hole about Wilden’s age, meanwhile, can be written off as him being only six years older than Charlotte.

Pretty Little Liars
ABC Family/Bustle

7. CeCe Drake was prom queen at Rosewood High. But she doesn’t even go here!

8. Meanwhile, as much as Charlotte interacted with the police as “CeCe Drake,” how come the police never verified that “CeCe Drake” was an actual person? It makes sense for her to legally change her name from “Charles” to “Charlotte.” But how much hiding can she really do?

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9. Why would Charlotte dress like a man at the doll house? For someone who wants to be reunited with her family and to be loved and accepted as who she is, it seems a little backwards not only for her, but for the transgender community as a whole. 

10. If Charlotte was a child when Bethany pushed Marion Cavanaugh off of the roof at Radley, then why is her younger sister, Alison, seen as a teen in this flashback with a very much alive Marion? Executive producer I. Marlene King tweeted that the original actors were only chosen to play them because flashbacks are an “interpretive memory?” Ok, Marlene. So a five-year-old Alison seductively told Toby, “I know you want to kiss me?”

11. If Charlotte loved her mother so much, why would she send a very cryptic video of her getting buried? This makes you think the writers originally intended to have A be Jessica DiLaurentis’s killer. 

12. Where did Charlotte get all of this money to play the A game? How did she build an elaborate doll house to keep the girls captive in and how did she afford all of this technology? Sure, she made several good investments but where did her initial money come from?

13. Why did Charlotte need a visitor’s pass (as CeCe Drake) at Radley when she was already a patient? Did the writers REALLY have this planned from the start!?

14. Why didn’t Charlotte just confess everything to Alison? Alison was already her friend and would have gladly spent time with her. She didn’t have to do these elaborate schemes to reunite with her sister after all. And the game being “addictive” doesn’t cut it!

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15. Why was Jessica so disturbed to see “CeCe Drake” dressed as her “daughter” at Radley? Wasn’t “CeCe Drake” already a patient at Radley and wasn’t she her “daughter” as well? This scene makes no sense now.

Dear Pretty Little Liars, please start making sense and filling in the holes.

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