This ‘Family Feud’ Answer Was So Bad Another Contestant Laughed In Her Face

On an episode of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey asked, “What is something a doctor might pull out of a person.” There are many reasonable answers to this question like “an appendix” or “a baby”, but Darci, from the Circuit family immediately buzzed in with the craziest response.

Darci’s answer is funny enough by itself, but the reaction of her opponent is priceless:

Darci defended her answer saying, “I heard about something like that once,” possibly referring to the urban legend that actor Richard Gere once had a gerbil removed from his butt. Thankfully Snopes debunk this myth, “Contrary to widespread public belief, ‘gerbil-stuffing’ is unknown as an actual sexual practice, nor are we aware of a verified medical case of a gerbil having been extracted from a patient’s rectum,” which is the most relieving thing we’ve read all day.


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