Jason Sudeikis Feeds Conan Wings and Natty Light: Late Last Night

Jason Sudeikis stopped by Conan last night, but he didn’t come empty handed. After he and Conan reminisced about their performance together this past summer in Kansas City, Sudeikis pulled some blazin’ hot wings for the group to enjoy. To wash it down? The world’s best beer: Natural Light.

Rainn Wilson told David Letterman the real reason he got into acting: girls. In fact, Wilson said he’s made nearly every career choice in his life based around women — including picking strawberries as a 13-year-old. But, poor guy, dude could never get the girl to say yes.

Anthony Mackie — a.k.a. the future of Hollywood — chatted it up with Jimmy Fallon about what it was like to win Best Picture at last year’s Academy Awards. So, listen up. Apparently, if you want to attend Hollywood parties, all you have to do is carry around an Oscar statue.

Nick Swardson talked with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about what it was like to work with Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston. His thought process? “Oh, I get to see these beautiful women in bikinis!” But, he forgot one thing: he’ll be in a swimsuit too, and he looks disgusting.