Late Night Last Night: Betty White Tries to Lie on ‘Fallon’ — VIDEO

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Jimmy Fallon just loves to be a goofball, and always tries to get anyone he can to join in on his games. In December, he got Mariah Carey to sing a silly remake of her hit Christmas song, “All I Want for Christmas,” with him. That same month, he got Ewan McGregor to do a funny sketch called “True Facts of Truth,” where the two guys presented a bunch of falsities as truths in a psychedelic clip. Well, just because it’s a New Year doesn’t mean it’s a new way for Fallon. In fact, Monday night he enlisted Betty White to join in on his shenanigans.

What was Fallon’s trick this time? An amusing skit where White tried to fool the audience by relaying absurd statements.

Betty White presents her “White Lies”:

White: “I could hold my breath underwater for two straight days.”

White: “I haven’t eaten anything but Triscuits since the 1980s.”

White: “I taught Kate Upton how to do the cat daddy.” Of course, White did a shimmy as she rattled off this one.

White: “I played Joey in Dawson’s Creek.”

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