‘Nikita’ Star Dillon Casey Teases Two Major Deaths


The big moment has finally arrived on tonight’s Nikita: Nikita (Maggie Q) and Amanda (Melinda Clarke) in the same room, together for the first time since Nikita was forced to chop off Michael’s (Shane West) hand to save his life as a result of Amanda’s actions. This entire season has centered around the cat and mouse game Amanda has played with Nikita and Division, and last week featured her betrayal of longtime love and ally Ari Tasarov (Peter Outerbridge). In tonight’s can’t-miss episode, “Reunion,” we’ll watch Amanda attempt to kidnap Ari’s son Stefan to use him as leverage. But since he is still in Division’s protective custody, Ari begs Nikita for help. However, Stefan’s bodyguard manages to capture both Nikita and Amanda, and the two must work together to escape. 

Whoa, Amanda and Nikita have to work together? We told you tonight’s episode is a can’t-miss! With both the big bad of the season and our heroine captured — plus severely raised stakes — don’t expect all of your favorites to make it out of this season alive. Dillon Casey, the man behind the Navy SEAL-turned-Division agent Sean Pierce, warned Hollywood.com that there will be some major casualties. “A lot of bodies are going to start hitting the floor,” Casey reveals. “Nobody is safe.”

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We’ve always known that Nikita is a high-stakes show, with characters dying all the time. But will one of our favorites be among the casualties? “I can’t tell you who is dying, but I can tell you that at least two very important people will be dead by the end of this season,” Casey says. How’s that for a reveal? Time to start the speculation: who isn’t going to make it out of this season alive? We hope it’s Amanda, but something tells us we’re going to be shedding some tears for someone on the good side of Division…

Casey also mapped out the plan for the rest of the season: the focus is now firmly on taking down Amanda before she takes down Division. “The Dirty 30 has been put on ice for a while, because Amanda’s taking stronger action against Division,” Casey says. “She has risen up as the main villain that they have to face now, and she wants to take down Division — take down Nikita — [using] whatever means necessary. She is the number one person they have to worry about.”

And even though Division has a lot of expensive technology and resources behind them, it will take a lot more to defeat the nefarious Amanda. “She has been planning this for ages, so they have to face being a step behind for a while,” Casey says. “There is a lot more asking the question, ‘does the end justify the means?'”

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That question has been a plague ever since the good guys took over Division. What happens after Division has taken down Amanda and the Dirty 30? Do they keep it running, or shut it down?

“[Division] has too much power and not enough accountability,” Casey says. “It’s always on a slippery slope, and it always comes down to the morals of the people running it. So Fletcher now has a lot of power in his hands. Whether or not Division’s a good or a bad thing is fully dependent on his decisions.”

And now that Division’s one ally in the government is dead (thanks to, surprise surprise, Amanda), that slippery slope of using Division for good or evil has even higher consequences. “For the President, the only way to shut it down is to kill it, and kill everybody involved,” Casey says. “As an illegal operation they could decide to go rogue and essentially become terrorists. It’s mutually assured destruction between the President and Division. [At] any minute they could decide to wage war on the other.”

But the one thing keeping the uneasy alliance in check is the one thing they are working together to take down. “It’s like these two people who wished the other didn’t exist, battling against a common enemy,” Casey says. “It’s the common enemy that keeps them both going. It keeps them allied. And that common enemy is Amanda.”

So what do we think — should she die, or is Amanda’s life too important for the rest of our heroes? Let us know in the comments below!

 Nikita airs Fridays at 8 PM ET/PT on The CW.

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