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🌱 Olivia Wilde’s Conscious Commerce is changing sustainability

Let’s talk about Conscious Commerce. Founded by actress/director Olivia Wilde and creative director Barbara “Babs” Burchfield, Conscious Commerce is a response to non-sustainability.

According to the site, Conscious Commerce “creates dynamic campaigns and experiences that connect non-profit foundations to sustainable business models.” Booksmart director, Olivia, and Babs work with brands around the globe to “integrate social consciousness into current business models, exponentially increasing engagement and awareness.”

All you need to know about Olivia Wilde’s new thriller

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Conscious Commerce has partnered with many brands including, Anthropologie, Birchbox, H&M, Global Citizen Festival, True Botanicals, Lexus, and more.

You can follow their efforts on Instagram: @consciousco.

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As they say, “Thanks for not being an a**hole – Babs & Olivia”.

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