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‘Entourage’ Season Three: Ep. 33 “What About Bob?”

It’s the first day of shooting on Drama’s new pilot, and he finds himself in the throes of a panic attack. Director Ed Burns keeps expanding his role with elaborate blocking and more monologue, sending Drama over the edge. When his meditation mantras (“you are not a pussy”) fail him, Drama disappears into the back of his trailer to take matters into his own hands, if you catch our meaning. But Drama forgets he’s still mic’d up. Though the entire crew learns of Drama’s, er, relaxation technique, he nails the scene.

Meanwhile, Eric, Ari and Bob Ryan take the Ramones project to the studios, but Ari and Bob soon find themselves at odds over how to pitch the biopic. After a spectacular failure of a meeting, E gets Bob to agree to let Ari take the lead on the next one. That’s not good enough for the arrogant Ari, who sends Bob to the wrong studio to get him out of the way. Without Bob weighing him down, Ari quickly drums up interest in the Ramones pic at Universal. Just one hitch: After realizing he’d been led astray, Bob paid a visit to his friend Alan–the same studio head at Warner Bros who blacklisted Vince–and sold him the script. Oops.

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