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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 6 “Better Halves”

Peter tells Hiro he was visited by him in the future and that Hiro gave him the message, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” This only fuels Hiro’s determination to be the superhero even more. Thing is, Peter and Isaac don’t know where to find the cheerleader, so they start piecing together paintings in a comic book format—and it looks like Simone may have the missing panel.

Mr. Bennet hooks Claire up with her birth parents, but they turn out to have no powers. In fact, they’re just average. Come to find out, Mr. Bennett is just paying them to pretend to be Claire’s parents to appease his daughter.

D.L. shows up and tries to clear his name with Nikki and Micah. Nikki’s alter ego Jessica explains to her how “they” framed D.L., killed his crew and stole $2 million from Linderman—and she’s going to attack D.L. again. But it seems D.L. has a few tricks up his sleeve as well: He can walk through solid material. Before Jessica can kill him, he escapes with Micah.

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Eden tries to convince Mohinder to stay and continue his father’s research, but he leaves for India. Then Eden drops a bomb by checking in with Mr. Bennet and filling him in on everything, including the cheerleader catch phrase. Ah, so she works for Bennet, too. Her next assignment is Isaac, who she visits as an admirer.

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