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‘Lost’ Season Three: Ep. 12 “There’s No Place Like Home”

Again with The Wizard of Oz reference–they love Oz on Lost.

It starts with a flash forward: The Oceanic Six are flying back on a cargo plane–Jack, Kate, baby Aaron, Hurley, Sun and Sayid. One of the attendants says they are about to land and that their families are waiting for them. The press will be there, too, but they don’t have to talk to them if they don’t want to. Jack says they will and tells the others later they can act like they are in shock. “We are in shock,” Sun corrects him. As they get off the plane, their families rush forward: Hurley’s parents, Sun’s parents, Jack’s mom…but no one for Sayid or Kate.

Then what we know now is the “fake” story is laid out at a press conference: Plane crashed; current took eight of them to an island where they lived for over 100 days; raft washes up on shore and the surviving six get in it, floating to another, more populated island and are rescued. When the gang answer the press’ questions, you can tell they are all lying. When asked if Jin was one of the eight who survived, Sun, looking nervously at Jack, answers that he never made it off the plane. After the press conference, Sayid is visited by a surprise guest: Nadia.

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Back in real time at the beach, Jack and the others are figuring out if they should go after the helicopter. From the radio Frank strategically places in the Losties hands, they overhear Keamy telling Frank to land at “The Orchid.” They also realize Sayid and Desmond are not on the helicopter. But Jack is still ready to head out into the jungle to go after it, despite Juliet’s warnings he isn’t well enough yet after his surgery. No matter. Jack, the ever intrepid hero, states: “I promised those people I would get them off the island.” Daniel, however, knows what “The Orchid” means from the secondary protocol. He turns to Charlotte, “We have to get off this island. Right NOW.”

Kate and Jack now in the jungle. Of course, Jack’s stitches are coming apart, and he’s bleeding. Miles and Sawyer show up with Aaron. Sawyer tells them Claire just disappeared in the jungle, and they’ve been trying to find her with no luck. Jack tells him they are going after the helicopter, but Sawyer explains just how dangerous those mercenaries truly are. No matter–again. Jack heads off, while Kate takes care of Aaron. Of course, Sawyer goes with him.

On the beach, Sayid shows up on the zodiac raft. He tells them they have to get off the island right away because the men on the helicopter have every intention to kill them all. Yes, we know, we know. An exasperated Juliet tells Sayid Jack and Kate have already gone after the helicopter. Son of a bitch! Sayid doesn’t say this, but it’s clear on his face.

Meanwhile, Hurley, Locke and Ben are also headed for the Orchid. It’s a greenhouse of sorts–and a way to move the island, according to Ben. Hurley asks why they didn’t just move the island before and is told it is a dangerous and unpredictable procedure. “It’s a measure of last resort,” Ben intones. Then Ben finds an old box with 15-year-old relics in it. He takes a mirror out and starts signaling someone in the hills ahead of them. Ben then informs them that they can go. “What did you say to them,” Locke asks. “None of your business, John”

Meanwhile, Sayid prepares to go in to get Jack, when Kate shows up with Aaron. She’ll go with him, because she’s the best at tracking, and hands Aaron off to Sun. Daniel says he’ll start ferrying people to the boat, with Sun, Jin and others. So what happens to Jin, I wonder?

More flash forwards: Sun goes to her father’s office–and springs her own surprise. She has bought a controlling interest in her father’s company with the money she got from Oceanic. She’ll be calling the shots from now on because she blames her father’s hatred of Jin for his death. Daddy isn’t at all pleased.

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Hurley shows up at his mother’s mansion. No one is there–or so he thinks. He hears whispers and thinks he’s back on the island. But really everyone is just hiding for a surprise birthday party for Hurley. Kate is there, so is Sayid and Nadia. Later, Hurley’s dad shows him his present: He restored Hurley’s car, but when he gets in it for a spin, Hurley looks at the speedometer. Guess what? It’s the cursed numbers. He jumps out of it immediately and runs away.

And Jack is at his father’s funeral. Kate is there with the baby and afterwards, tells Jack he did good. Just then a woman comes up to Jack and asks to speak with him privately. Kate walks away. This lady drops a bomb on Jack’s head. She tells him she was the reason Christian was in Australia–well, more her daughter. That’s correct, it’s Claire’s mother who tells Jack that Christian was Claire’s father. Jack can’t believe it but doesn’t say anything as the woman goes on to say how ironic that Claire was on the same plane and Jack didn’t even know his half-sister was sitting there. As the woman passes Kate on her way out, she tells Kate her baby is beautiful. Of course, SHE doesn’t know it’s HER GRANDCHILD! Jack turns and looks at Kate, wounded, who doesn’t know the full story yet.

Back on the island, Jack and Sawyer get to the helicopter, where Frank gives them the lowdown about Keamy and his gang, how they are going to incarcerate Ben and kill everyone else. Then Sawyer tells Jack Hurley is with Ben and Locke. “Son of a bitch!,” Jack actually says it.

On the freighter, Sun, Jin and the rest climb onboard. Sun and Jin see Michael standing there and question why Michael is now working for Ben. Michael doesn’t believe he is working for Ben; he has done what he had to to help his fellow castaways out. Suddenly, Desmond appears and calls for Michael to come see something ASAP. Sun and Jin follow them below deck. It appears the radio room has been rigged with explosives, and if anyone touches anything, BOOM! Maybe that’s what the device on Keamy’s arm is for–to blow up the ship at some point.

Kate and Sayid are following tracks in the jungle–until Kate realizes they are also being tracked. They draw their guns, and Sayid yells for whoever to come out. It’s Richard, who tells them to put down their guns. Suddenly, all around them, the Others pointing guns. Kate and Sayid acquiesce.

Ben, Locke and Hurley make it to the Orchid. They see that the mercenaries have already beat them to the punch. Ben tells Locke he must go into the greenhouse and get whatever it is they need to move the island–while Ben takes care of the mercenaries. “And how are you going to do that?,” Locke asks another stupid question. “How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan.”

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Ben surrenders himself to Keamy–who promptly knocks him out. Poor Ben, always getting hit.

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