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‘Lost’ Season Three: Ep. 9 “The Shape of Things to Come”

It’s as if we didn’t even take a month break…

At the beach, Jack doesn’t look so hot. Kate notices him taking some antibiotics; he thinks he has a stomach bug but I’m not so sure. Suddenly, Bernard is screaming for help by the shoreline. They pull some guy out of the water. Daniel and It’s the doctor from the boat–and his throat is slashed.

Cut to: Hurley “We are all going to die,” he states. Sawyer quips, “Oh, don’t be so Chicken Little” Then we pan out to see that Sawyer, Hurley and Locke are playing Risk. Nice. Meanwhile, some men we can’t see make the now-tied up Alex turn the electric fence off, despite her pleas “they have a baby with them.” Back in Ben’s house, the phone rings. Locke picks it up and hears an automated voice saying “Code 14J.” They go find Ben to tell him, and Ben jumps into action, grabs a gun and says they need to get to the other house. Why? “Because they are here.” Crap!

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Then we flash forward rather abruptly. Ben awakens on the desert floor of the Sahara, with a Dharma parka on, looking incredibly disoriented. Has he time jumped or something? Must have. Suddenly, two Muslim gunman come riding up to him, threatening but Ben soon makes mince meat of them, in a couple of swift moves. Man, this guy is really something.

Later, he is in Tunisia, checking into a hotel as “Dean Moriarty.” He also asks the date–and finds out it’s 2005. Turning, he sees Sayid on the TV being accosted by reporters. A distraught Sayid begs them, “Please, I need to bury my wife.”

The next day, Ben photographs some guy from a rooftop, as a funeral procession goes by. Sayid is carrying the casket of his wife, Nadia, and looks up to see Ben. Seems Sayid got back from the island, found his beloved Nadia in L.A. and married her. Then she was killed. Sayid chases Ben down demanding to know why he is there. Ben wants Sayid’s help in getting the man who killed his wife, a man hired by Whidmore. “Why would these people want to kill her?” Sayid asks. “I don’t know,” Ben replies. Oh, but he knows.

Ben is then seen following this man who supposedly killed Nadia–until the guy turns the tables on Ben. But Sayid is there and he shoots the man–several times. Ben then thanks Sayid and tells him to walk away, to go have a life. But Sayid can’t do that because he has nothing. He wants to go out and kill more of these Whidmore flunkies. “Who’s next?” Ben says he’ll be in touch and walks away, with a sly grin on his face. He set this whole thing up, I bet.

Back on the island in real time, Ben, Locke, Hurley and Sawyer are running around. Sawyer wants to go get the others, but Ben warns him not to go, that it’s too late. Sawyer runs off anyway. And attack the Barracks these people do. As Sawyer is trying to get to Claire, a gun battle ensues and some of the other Losties are killed. Then they fire a cannon at the house Claire is supposed to be in, blowing it up. He finds her, still alive, thankfully.

Sawyer grabs her and runs for the other house Ben, Hurley and Locke are holed up in. Ben says they need to get to Jacob’s cabin, but Locke says he doesn’t remember where it is. “That’s OK, Hurley knows where it is.” Does he? Then the doorbell rings. It’s Miles–with a walkie talkie; “They want to talk.” Ben balks until Miles says they’ve taken his daughter hostage.

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Ben talks into the radio and the voice tells him to look out the window. It’s the guy who was shooting at things off the freighter, and Ben knows exactly who he is: Martin, a mercenary with a mean streak. He is not coming out of the house. So, Martin orders Alex out and says he’ll kill her if Ben doesn’t come out. “I want to present a counter proposal,” Ben says. He tells them to leave and forget they’ve ever heard of this island.” Martin isn’t buying and starts counting down to 10. Rattled, Ben talks very quickly–that she’s not his real daughter, that he stole her from an insane woman, that she doesn’t mean anything to him. “I’m not coming out this hou…” Ben starts to say when bang! A gun goes off. Martin has shot Alex in the head. Ben is in shock. “He changed the rules,” is all Ben will say.

As Sawyer and Locke run around trying to figure out what to do, Ben calmly walks to a door and opens it, locking it behind him. Then he opens a secret passageway and walks through it. Later, he comes back. He tells them they are to run as fast as they can towards the tree line. “Towards the guys with guns?,” Hurley asks. “Oh no, we are going to stay far away from them.” Suddenly, everything starts shaking in the house. They run outside and see the black smoke monster attacking and killing all the mercenaries. “Did you summon that thing?,” Sawyer asks incredulously. Apparently so. Before he leaves, Ben walks over to say goodbye to his daughter. For one brief moment, you kind of feel sorry for Ben.

Now, they are headed off to Jacob’s cabin, but Sawyer has had enough of this bullcrap. He is going back to the beach with Claire and the baby. Miles and Hurley, too. But Locke won’t let Hurley go and pulls a gun on Sawyer, who turns around and pulls a gun on him. Hurley tells them to put the guns down, he’ll go with Locke and catch up with them later. Off they go.

On the beach, Daniel gets the phone to emit Morse code to send a signal to the boat but lies about what message he gets back from the boat, saying they are sending the helicopter back for rescue. Bernard knows Morse code and no such message was sent. That’s it. Jack grabs Daniel and point blank asks him if they were ever going to take them off the island. “No,” he replies. Jack is pissed–and he looks like he’s in a great deal of pain.

Final flash forward: Ben makes his way to London–and breaks into Charles Whidmore’s apartment. Here’s some of the exchange:

“Wake up, Charles.”
“Did you come here to kill me Benjamin?”
“We both know I can’t do that. I’m here because you murdered my daughter…and I’m here Charles to tell you that I’m going to kill YOUR daughter, Penelope is it? Once she’s dead, you’ll understand how I feel. And you’ll wish you hadn’t changed the rules.”
“You’ll never find her. That island’s mine, Benjamin, it always was and will be again.”
“But you’ll never find it.”
“Then I guess the hunt is on for both of us.”
“I suppose it is.”

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Now, this is getting interesting.

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